Back to basics: Income for everyone?

Haagh. L., Panellist  ‘Back to basics: Income for everyone?’  A conference hosted by the IPR and Bristol Ideas, sponsored by the Basic Income Forum. Institute for Policy Research (IPR), University of Bath 12th October 2022. The conference will welcome leading thinkers, politicians and policymakers to debate and explore basic income. In particular, the conference will look at basic income pilots, macro-economic models, the prospects for basic income in developing economies, and political economy of social and economic change – issues that have been thrown into sharp relief in the wake of Covid-19 and the cost-of-living crisis. Your suggestion of general reflections on UBI, within the context of recent crises, will be great and ideal for the closing panel of the day. So far other panellists include Dr Harry Pitts (University of Bristol) and Gaby Hinsliff (The Guardian),  Martin Sandbu (Financial Times). Neal Lawson (Compass)  as Chair.