Basic Income and the Nordic Model

Nordic Conference on Basic Income Pilots (webpage)

Christiansborg, Copenhagen, Denmark, 22-23 September 2016.  

The two-day Nordic Conference on Basic Income Pilots, the first annual UBI-Nordic conference, was hosted by BIEN Denmark in collaboration with the Danish political party The Alternative and Unconditional Basic Income Europe. The first day looked specifically at issues surrounding the attempt to test basic income with experiments and pilot studies. 

I gave a keynote address on the conference’s second day, which featured presentations from activists, researchers, and politicians from the Nordic countries. The talk offers reasons for the perceived tension between basic income and the Nordic Model, and ways in which this relation can be recast so that basic income is not seen as radical or disruptive. 

I also participated at the conference on a panel debate with Christian Engström and Martin Jordö (see video).