Health Equity, Welfare State Development and Basic Income Policies in Europe

World Health Organisation (WHO) – Healthy, Prosperous Lives for all in the European Region – High-level Conference on Health Equity, 11–13 June 2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Haagh, L. Launch of the WHO Health Equity Status report for Europe, Slovenia, June, 2019 , WHO/Europe brought together Member States, international organizations and civil society in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 11–13 June 2019 to identify and discuss ways to accelerate progress towards health equity.

The technical input to this conference included Prof. Haagh’s commissioned publication (written jointly with Barabara Rohregger), titled ‘Universal Basic Income Policies and their Potential for Addressing Health Inequities’:,-prosperous-lives-for-all-in-the-european-region-high-level-conference-on-health-equity/publications/universal-basic-income-policies-and-their-potential-for-addressing-health-inequities-transformative-approaches-to-a-healthy,-prosperous-life-for-all-2019

Prof. Haagh also presented her work to the conference of high-level regional policy-makers, including material covered in this report, Paper titled: Health Equity, Welfare States and Basic Income Policies in Europe,-prosperous-lives-for-all-in-the-european-region-high-level-conference-on-health-equity