The Case for Universal Basic Income

The Case for Universal Basic Income, Cambridge: Polity, forthcoming, March 2019.

The book has an online statistical and methodological appendix. Click here

An outstanding book which makes a major contribution to the debate on basic income, highlighting its potential to supplement rather than replace the welfare state and to make economic life more democratic.

Andrew Gamble, University of Sheffield

Except from publisher’s summary: 

In this compelling book, Louise Haagh, one of the world’s leading experts on basic income, argues that UBI is essential to advancing freedom and democracy in the 21st century. She shows that, far from being a silver-bullet that will transform or replace capitalism, or a sticking plaster that will extend it, it is a crucial element in a much broader task of constructing a democratic society that will promote human development and economic justice. She uses her unrivalled knowledge of the existing research to show how it can be implemented in a range of different contexts across the globe.

The Case for Universal Basic Incomeis part of the new “case for” series being developed by Polity, consisting of short books that present arguments in favor of important contemporary policy ideas.